What do the hydraulic model documents look like?

The documents should incorporate the description of a:


  • definition and geometrisation of model layers,
  • outlined hydraulic parameters of model layers,
  • description of the model boundary conditions,
  • description of sources and faults within the model domain,
  • definition of calibration target values.


  • applied calculation method, indicating the modelling SW,
  • method of time and spatial discretisation,
  • indication of calibration error of the model (may be stated on the map),
  • final values of the model parameters,
  • resultant flow pattern,
  • resultant water balance in the flow model,
  • results of the simulations carried out.

If anything of the aforementioned is missing in the documents for the model, or if the processor is not able to submit such documents in a coherent and logical form, it is quite likely that the mathematical/numerical model was not designed at all and you have only been provided with some output of a limited informative value. In that case the captions for the model inputs and outputs usually contain only general and vague formulations supported with only rough estimates of flow directions or balance quantities, and/or maps compiled on the basis of data acquired during the field work or literature search.

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