Professionals hydrogeological services

Mathematical modelling

  • Modelling software: WMS
  • Types of tasks: rainfall-runoff balance of a basin, flood planning, determination of inundation areas, determination of areas exposed to flash floods.
  • Modelling software: Hydrus 1D, Hydrus 2D/3D, UnSatSuite, FEFLOW
  • Types of tasks: infiltration of rainwater and wastewater, pore water pressure calculations
  • Modelling software: MODFLOW, FEFLOW, Hydrus 2D/3D, SEAWAT
  • Types of tasks: analysis of water balance in an area, balance for water management purposes, drainage of foundation pits or mines (general groundwater lowering), evaluation of aquifer tests, assembly of flow pattern for transport simulations
  • Modelling software: MT3DMS, RT3D, VLEACH, BioScreen, BioNAPL, BioChlor, Hydrus (1D, 2D/3D), FEFLOW, SEAWAT
  • Types of tasks: identification of risks related to groundwater contamination, identification of potential zones with contamination hotpots, simulation of remediation alternatives, optimisation of monitoring, saltwater/freshwater interface modelling
  • Modelling software: COMSOL, TOUGH2
  • Types of tasks: models of transport of substances immiscible with water (NAPLs)
  • Modelling software: FEFLOW, Hydrus 2D/3D
  • Types of tasks: optimisation and long-term sustainability of systems using the geothermal energy (heat pumps)
  • Modelling software: PHREEQC, TOUGHREACT
  • Types of tasks: balanced modelling (stable charts, solution speciation, saturation indices), dynamic modelling (reaction kinetics, rates of dissolving and coagulation of fractions in a solution, reaction-rate constants), inverse modelling, reaction with organic substances in a solution (contamination hydrogeology), CO2 sequestration into geological structures


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