What are the inputs of the hydraulic model?

The first and the most important input is an accurate definition of the issue that is to be the subject of modelling. All following steps draw upon this initial analysis, from the spatial and time determination of the model domain, through the requirements for the input data, to the modelling SW used.


  • survey reports of the area concerned (including archived reports),
  • geological, hydrogeological and water-management maps;
  • river network maps,
  • bore geological profiles (logs),
  • groundwater and surface water levels,
  • water stream flow rates,
  • data from aquifer tests,
  • qualitative and outlined quantitative description of the boundary conditions,
  • estimated water balance of the area concerned, primarily the components of rainwater infiltration (recharge) and runoff through the surface water streams,
  • information about draw-off and infiltration,
  • description of required simulations which should be performed on the hydraulic model.
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